Bitumen Packing

Petro Tejarat Morvarid Jey Co. has several Kinds of Bitumen Packing:

Steel barrels (scale from 100 to 210 kg): Steel metal barrels are widely used as the main method of bitumen packaging. Bitumen metal barrels have been the most common type of packaging for the past 15-20 years.

 Polybag has special advantages for bitumen packaging and export. Some of these benefits include low packaging costs, light weight of the packages, and ease of transportation of bags.

 Bitutainers are essentially containers designed for shipment of cold bitumen in larger quantities and in containerized form, with the ability to heat the containers prior to use at the final destination through the application of various burner and heating systems, ranging from Thermal Oil to Electrical solutions. It is suitable for storage and transportation of road construction bitumen. Each Bitutainers net weight capacity is 22 MTs, therefore higher capacity of the Bitutainers contributes for reducing the ocean freight level Per Metric Ton.

Bitumen Packing

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 Petro Tejarat Morvarid Jey Co. has the ability to Palletizing drums as the customer request or if needed. each container has the capacity of only 80 drums.


Petro Tejarat Morvarid Co. is capable to analysis and issue the National Quality and Quantity Certificate.It has a laboratory equipped with all bitumen test facilities, such as:

  • Penetration

  • Softening Point

  • Solubility

  • Ductility

  • Flash point

  • Hydrometer

  • Heating

  • TFOT

  • Spot Test

Spot Test
Carry bulk bitumen

Carry bulk bitumen

This complex named as MBCO has started its activity since 2008 year stepped to the economical activities. This Company has more than 100 trucks with tanker for carry bitumen as charter, is the largest land transportation of bitumen complex in Iran. This Complex has the capability of carry molten bitumen from the all refineries in Iran to all parts of the country and abroad.

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